Day 3 – It’s Sunday

Today, Michael takes me to his home church to attend services. He has attended here since he was small. We drive up the gravel drive to Kager Vision Center and into a grassy compound with a sizable brick chapel (maybe seating for 150 about 90 attending), a stucco and rock community center building and a … Continued

Day 2 – Down on the Farm

Today Michael takes me to his village, Kager, to view the Achungo farm plots. The farming now takes up a lot of Michael’s time and is our key to moving toward some level of self-sufficiency. The current Samaritan’s Purse funding (the only funded project going on right now) provides for the costs for these plots … Continued

Day 1 – First day in Kenya

Although I actually just got back from my 20-day trip to Achungo as of this writing, I couldn’t blog while there. I had virtually no internet access. There’s no wifi — a few times I borrowed someone’s laptop with their 3G internet service (Safaricom!) So I now recreate those 20 days, Day 1 being Oct. … Continued