The school of Achungo was born in 2005 as Director Michael Nyangi had recruited 2 widows with hearts for orphans who began to work with him both by taking care of orphans (along with their own children) and beginning to teach those who were unable to attend school due to cost.

Although Primary School (K-8) is tuition-free in Kenya, the indigent still cannot attend because they are required to pay for uniforms, shoes, books, school materials and exams.  Thus there are many children who fall through the cracks of the “free educational system” and Achungo addresses that need for our orphans.  We provide uniforms and other clothes and shoes, food, care, medicines and schooling (with school materials, exam costs and all other costs covered).  Although we have some beds at the children’s center, nearly all of our children are always cared for in homes in the nearby community.  Although these are poor family units living in mud huts, they provide a sense of belonging and of integration into the greater community that no group home can provide.  See my blog article:   Most of the children are in homes with relatives, often aunts or grandmothers, but some are in homes of good Samaritans, often widows who also have their own children.

Achungo Staff

Founder and Director:    Michael Nyangi

Headmaster :    Mr. Nelson Aketch
Assistant (or Deputy) Headmaster :    Mr. Eliakim Ochieng
Office Clerk :    Madam Nancy Akoko
Baby Class / Nursery / Middle Class:    Mrs. Dorcas Ouma
                                                                Mrs.Christine Kibwana
Pre-Unit (Kindergarten) :     Mr. Erick Olony
Class One (1st Grade):      Mr. Nelson Aketch
Class Two (2nd Grade):    Madame Esther Akinyi
Class Three (3rd Grade) :  Mr. John Mwai
Class Four  (4th Grade) :   Mr. Eliakim Ochieng
Class Five (5th Grade):     Madam Asha Okoth
Class Six (6th Grade):       Madame Emily Sumba

Other Staff
Cook:             Mrs. Mary Auma Okello
Asst. Cook:    Mr. Kennedy Odhiambo Oyolo                     
Caretaker in charge of water distribution:    Shadrack Charles Oketch
School Counts As Of September 2011

Class Size

Class        Student Count
1st                          17
2nd                         23
3rd                         17
4th                          13
5th                            9
Early Preschool       26
Preschool                12
Kindergarten            13

Grand Total              130