8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Zadock came to Achungo (Imbo) in 7th grade after attending Majiwa Primary. He told us there is no comparison, that Achungo is the best school he had even gone to in his life. He said Majiwa didn’t provide books or food or a good education. He says Achungo is the school he’d been looking for, all his life, and that Achungo provides a good education and good learning environment. He told us he appreciates the Director of the school for all the good work he has done.

He lives in Imbo town (near our second school) with two sisters and two brothers and his father. His mother died some time ago. His father “sells water on the street by shouting.” They survive on a small subsistence garden. They cannot afford to pay for school fees.

He wants to become an engineer so that he could bring new technology to his village and bring jobs and money to help his family so they can live good lives. He knows he will have to study hard but that will help him live a good life and be able to afford school fees.