Yvonne Nerry Anyango

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Yvonne was brought to Achungo in 2016 by her aunt and enrolled in our 5th grade.  They live in Oyugis (about 7 miles away).  She told us that her mother lives in another town, and her father died a long time ago. Her sister, Idah Mercy, is in 6th grade and lives with her mother.

Before Achungo she attended Kisero Primary school.  She told us, “Achungo has better education, has a higher standard and better buildings.”   She likes Math, and playing volleyball (she learned it since coming to Achungo) and has made lots of friends.

Her hope is to become a surgeon.  “I like to treat wounds in legs or arms of people.”

She enjoys worshipping at the Blessed Generation Church with her Aunt.  She loves singing worship songs and feels very grateful every day.   “I would like to tell my friends in America that God loves them and me, too.  They should never forget to pray.  They should always be thankful to God.”