Wycliffe Mwok Ochieng

8th Grade Graduates of 2014 (Rodi)

Wycliffe’s mother died when he was very young and his father was killed by his own brother.  He was living with his stepmother and widowed aunt in a village about 20 kilometers distant when he was first brought to Achungo three years ago.

Since then he has boarded at the school, only going home on the long breaks because of the distance.  Wycliffe and his friends at Achungo entertain each other by telling stories about their lives – they have grown to trust, support and encourage each other in this safe and nurturing environment. His dream is to eventually go back to his village to help the extreme poor that he grew up with.

Wycliffe appreciates the Achungo teaching staff. “They’re well-trained and teach well,” he said. “In the public schools, teachers don’t always teach; they just talk and are sometimes absent.”   He plans to study cardiology and neurology and to seek a career in medicine.

Wycliffe attends St. Peter’s Disii Secondary School.