8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

“I live in Kochia, Homabay County, with my grandparents, Pesila (79) and Daniel (85).  She does laundry for people and he is a car washer who washes other people’s cars.  My brother is a beggar in the village and was unable to go to school. My sister, Sheila, died when she was 12 due to a road accident. My grandparents had to sell their small garden in order to pay for hospital treatment for her very bad injuries.

We heard from some people about how good it is at Achungo and my grandparents enrolled me 10 years ago. Achungo was very different than the public school I attended before. Everything is good and the compound is very big and I was treated very well.

Outside of my studies, I like playing volleyball, netball, and hockeyball with friends.  At home I like going to church and praying together with my friends. I want to become a journalist after I am through with my education because it is my dream.”