Vincent Otieno

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Vincent’s uncle brought him to Achungo 6 years ago to join our 3rd grade.   His father died when he was a young boy.   He was living in Migori  (about 60 km away) with his mother, two younger sisters, and younger brother Tobias but now lives nearer Achungo with his uncle in Homa Bay.

Vincent went to Newbold Primary but eventually the family could not afford the exam fees.  He likes that at Achungo “everyone is good to each other and is always at peace.  The teachers give good understanding and the students perform well.”  He says that the best day of his life was the day he entered 8th grade.   His favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies.  He enjoys playing football (soccer) and volleyball and likes to draw and write for fun.   On weekends he helps his uncle tend their garden plot.  When he grows up Vincent wants to be a lawyer so he can “give justice to everyone” or perhaps, a teacher so he can “teach the way our teachers always teach.  I would enjoy the act of teaching.”