8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Vincent (born May 5, 2008) was brought by his father to Achungo in 4th grade. He had been attending Palu-Masogo Primary school near his home but says, “it was very poor in learning resources and we were not being taught much. At Achungo I can see good improvement.” At first I thought Achungo would be very hard for me but I knew I could learn and put more effort in my studies.

He lives in Kanyada in the Palu Masogo village with his father, Francis (52) and mother, Sarah (40). They had both attended primary school but were not able to attend high school because of the fees. “They tell us to work hard in school as we know they are struggling at home. They want us to finish our education.”  Neither of them have work and the family is “fully dependent on our subsistence garden.”  Vincent has a brother and sister, both of them in high school.

“My best friend is Silvance Ogolla. I like him because he knows the subjects that I don’t know and so we always share what we are learning in class.

When I am through with my education, I want to become a lawyer, accountant and minister of finance in Kenya.   I will ensure that citizens in Kenya enjoy their rights and freedoms.

The best thing about Achungo is all the learning resources and that I see improvement in my studies. I know I’ll perform well in my KCPE exam. Thank you, May the Lord almighty be with you all your life.