8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Velma (b: August 14, 2007) came to Achungo in 5th grade after attending GodKado Primary. She had heard about Achungo and was wishing that she would be able to attend. She says Achungo is very different from her former school and is clean and the area has clean air. She has been very happy at Achungo and finds it a much better place for learning.

She lives at Kochia with her grandmother and her 3 younger brothers in grades 2, 4 and 5. Her mother died 2 years ago when she was in 6th grade. Her father works in a hotel but doesn’t make enough to pay school fees. She worries at how hard her father works to support the family.
Velma is very close to her best friend. They share with each other about their lives and plans to do well on exams and how it feels when they are sad or happy.

After schooling, Velma wants to become a pilot and be able to help her brothers and grandmother and even her village, because it is so poor. She says that coming to Achungo she can now count on having a future.