8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Valence (b: June 4, 2006) joined Achungo in first grade. Prior to that he attended Ogongo Public Primary. He told us, “Achungo is different and the teachers are friendly and hardworking. I expected the teachers to be cruel but was happy that they are so friendly.”

He lives in Ogongo, Kaitoma with his father and sister Sheryl. His mother died when he was 2 years old. Sheryl goes to Liata Secondary. He told us, “My father has no job but we have a small garden where we grow some food. Sometimes when one of the family is sick, we cannot afford to take them to the hospital, so we have poor health.”
He likes playing soccer with friends and reading and studying together.

“After schooling I want to be a pilot. I want to be the light for our family and lift my family up.”