Tony Blair Okothe

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Tony lives in Ndhiwa (12 miles away) with his parents.  “They grow sugar cane to sell.”  His older brother, Wilfred Ochieng, is in University and his younger brother, Henry, is in 3rd grade.  Tony enrolled at Achungo in 2014 into 3rd grade.   Before that he attended Rarage, a public primary.  He told us, “The teaching there was poor.  Sometimes we were not taught, and the teacher might come only a few times per week.”

At Achungo he says he has improved his learning and academic performance.  And “the food is healthy.  I like the learning situation and the teachers really try to treat us well.”   His favorite subject is Science and he hopes to become a university science professor.  “It is a good job and I like learning about plants and experiments.”   He also thinks about becoming a doctor “to treat people.”

Tony enjoys reading, sports, studying and going to church on the weekends.    When he is home on holidays, he helps his father in the garden.

“I would like to tell everyone to work hard because hard work never goes unrewarded.  And continue praying for us.  Thank you and Amen.”