8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

“I came to Achungo several years ago, brought by Director Michael Nyangi. He had attended my father’s funeral and decided to bring me to the school.  I was in Kindergarten at Kobodo Primary school, but it was difficult for me due to lack of learning resources and basic needs. It doesn’t compare to Achungo because at Achungo we have what we need to learn.

Both of my parents died in a traffic accident that occurred while they were traveling to my aunt’s place. They had boarded a motorcycle taxi. On a narrow road they were hit by a tanker that was trying to overtake a large sugar cane truck. My mother died immediately and my father died a few days later. When I came to Achungo I thanked the Lord for opening a way for me and I promised to work hard in school so that I have something in the future.  When Kenya closed all schools in 2020 due to the pandemic, I was able to live with a good Samaritan in the village. She did not have work but relied on her subsistence garden where she spends most of her time.

I have 2 brothers, Tillen Otieno and Phelix Onyango.  Tillen never had the opportunity to go to secondary because he had no way to pay the fees. Phelix is attending a school for orphans in Ndhiwa.

My favorite subject is math because it widens my mind and makes me able to think of more things. I want to become a lecturer (professor) when I finish my schooling. Being a lecturer would enable me to understand the importance of learning and bring development in the country in terms of education.

Achungo has changed my life and has really supported me all the way to 8th grade by providing school resources and offering me free education. I am glad to be at Achungo”