Teddy Williams

8th Grade Graduates of 2021 (Imbo)

Teddy (14) was brought by his father to Achungo’s school at Imbo in 2017 for 5th grade, having heard about it from friends. Note that the school at Imbo first opened in 2017 with classes up to 5th grade.

Teddy had previously attended Kusa Primary, in Siaya County, but he told us “those buildings were not as good [as Achungo] and the teachers were not as good and I had to go home for lunch” [there was no food at the school]. At Achungo, he says, the people are nice, the teachers are very proud of us and they teach very well.”

Teddy’s parents live in Rarieda, but Teddy has been living with his uncle near Homa Bay since he started at Achungo. He likes playing football (soccer) and entertaining others with stories. On weekends and holidays he goes home and visits his grandmother, helps his mother fetch water and firewood, goes to market and also, likes to watch football games. He has yet to discover baseball (pretty much unknown in Africa), let alone the Boston Red Sox, but maybe someday he’ll learn about his namesake!

Teddy’s favorite classes are Math and Social Studies.  He hopes to become a TV or radio journalist.