Teddy Odongo Ajuaga

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Teddy is very intelligent and works hard in class.  He takes meticulous notes and has excellent penmanship.  He works through complicated Mathematical word problems with ease and confidence.

Teddy came to Achungo at the beginning of 2017.  He learned about Achungo because his Uncle, Mr. Benson, is a teacher here.  He was living in Kagan (about 7 miles away) with his mother and 4 siblings. They had a hard life because his father was away, working on a farm, and couldn’t afford to send much money.  They are in a small hut and have a small garden (“shamba”) that doesn’t provide enough food for the family.

He loves it at Achungo and is friends with all his fellow boarders.  He likes the school environment, the computer lab, the books in the school library and enjoys playing football (soccer) and volleyball.  He also likes making pictures with crayons and water colors (although he can’t currently afford them).  English and Social Studies are his favorite subjects.  He says he is confident in reaching his goals because of the better teaching at Achungo.

During holidays he helps his parents and needy neighbors when he can, and attends Elimu Catholic Church with his family.

His goal is to become a lawyer specializing in property law.

Teddy attends Orero Boys Secondary School.