Steve Juma

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Steve’s parents brought him to Achungo in 2008 into the preschool class.  His home is nearby, about 30 minutes’ walk, where he lives with his parents, little sister and his older and younger brothers.  His father tends to their subsistence farm plot while his mother takes care of the home and children. He says they are sometimes able to pay some fees to the school [that would be about $5 – $8 per month].

His favorite subjects are Math and English.  He told us, “Studying is my favorite thing to do, at school and at home.”   He also enjoys reading and likes that he can borrow books from the library.  He also enjoys playing volleyball and soccer and telling stories with friends.  When he is home he helps in the garden, herding their cows, and sweeping.

“I want to go to university to become an engineer and make roads or airplanes.  I would like to see people traveling to different destinations”

“I really want to go to California and to the beaches.  I want to tell my friends in America that I love them so much.”