8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

After Stephine’s mother died, his father brought his to Achungo into first grade. Before that, Stephene (b: April 12, 2007) attended Rarage Primary in Kabuoch. He would get to school late, at 8:00 am, because he was walking such a long distance from home. He says that Achungo is a very good school, and the teachers provide better teaching than at Rarage. He thanks God for the feeling of community he has at Achungo. He especially likes the devotional times at Achungo and likes to pray, sing, dance and preach with his classmates.

He lives at Oche’ng with his grandparents, Evarline and Erick. He said their family had no money to go to school past third grade. His father and his brother have had serious medical problems and his father is unable to work. The also do not have a shamba (subsistence garden that many survive on). his sister is in school but he says their younger brother is unable to go to school because the family’s money went to his hospital treatment and they are still in debt.

He says he would like to become a doctor so that he can help his family out of poverty.