Stephen Otieno

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Stephen joined Achungo in 2013 in fifth grade from St. Terrycam Primary in Asumbi.  When his parents could no longer afford their school fees, he was sent home.

He was living with his aunt and his parents and siblings (eight of them in a small mud hut) and it was hard for him to be home from school.  He loves to study, to read (he says he didn’t really know how to read before Achungo).  , Stephen’s favorite subjects are Science and Math and his favorite teacher is Mr Mwai “because he is loving and likes to teach.  Here I enjoy the computer lab and the highly trained teachers who teach well.”   Stephen enjoys soccer and other sports after class.

“On Holidays I like helping my parents with the house chores.”

“I want to become a pilot after my studies.”