8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Since the death of her parents when she was a year old, Stacy (15) has lived with her uncle (80). He washes cars for a living [that is, he sets up roadside near a creek or other water source and offers to handwash vehicles]. He has no subsistence garden because he sold it to pay for medical treatment for Stacy’s younger brother, John (5). Stacy has been at Achungo for 10 years (since preschool)

She told us, “When I first came to Achungo, I found it very different from other schools; they treated me like family even though I had no parents. I like Achungo because they help the needy like us, as we cannot support ourself because we don’t have family.  Besides my studies, I like going to church, playing football, volleyball and chess. I want to become traffic police, as I enjoy seeing how they do their work.”