Sophia Akinyi Omanya

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Sophia (15) is an outgoing young woman. She loves being at Achungo and is grateful for the opportunity to work hard at school.

Her father left for Nairobi 10 years ago to look for work and the family has not seen him since.  She says, “we do not get any support from him at all. He doesn’t even know how we are at home, whether we have food or can stay in school.”  She lives in a small mud hut with her three siblings.   Her mother sells vegetables and fruit on the street to support the family but she does not have the money to pay for her children’s school fees.

Sophia attended Asumbi Girls until there was no more money for school.  “That school had dirty water and not enough food for the children.   Achungo is the best – how they teach is perfect.  I’m improving way more here.  Teachers show up for class at Achungo.”

Sophia came to Achungo three years ago, joining the sixth grade. “I like our classes and our playing field and the computer lab.  I like learning to type and learning more about computers.  I like singing and dancing and reading, especially novels.  My favorite teachers are Mr. Mwai and Mr. Michael.  I like how they teach.  They are understanding.  They are the best teachers ever!”

Sophia goes home on school holidays via motorcycle taxi and works on her studies and practices her dancing.  She attends Kager Vision Centre (her church) with her mother.  “I pray to be able to pass the exams and to finish school so I can accomplish my goals.”

“I want to become a lawyer.  I like learning about law and I want to be able to advocate for justice for people.”  She hopes to attend one of Kenya’s top high schools after she gets the results from the KCPE (Kenya’s eighth grade exit exam).