8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Silvance (born September 3, 2008) came to Achungo in 4th grade after attending Wiga Primary School in Gwasi.  He told us that Wiga just didn’t have necessary learning materials and he found a much higher standard of learning at Achungo. He says that at Achungo he is confident in getting a good education so that he can “prosper well in life.”

He lives in Gwassi at Wiga Village with his parents, Stephen Ogolla, (63) and Jane (52). They both had dropped out of primary school at 7th grade because of the fees. Neither are working but they grow some food crops in their subsistence garden. He told us, “They advise us to work hard on our education.” His brother, Antone is in his second year of high school, and his sister, Sheila, is in 5th grade at Nyamuga Special School due to physical challenges

He likes to study and review with his friend, Vincent, and plays soccer whenever he can.

“If I finish my education, I want to be a lawyer. I would like to see citizens receive fair trials as truth prevails. Citizens should never be mistreated but they should all be treated equally. Being at Achungo is making me sure that all that I expect in life I will fulfill due to my performance. I work hard towards my targeted goals, keeping in mind to make hay while the sun shines.”