Sheryl Anyango

8th Grade Graduates of 2021 (Rodi)

Sheryl is 16 and lives about 10 kilometers from school with her father, older brother, and younger sister and brother and she takes a motorcycle taxi when she travels home. She does not know how her mother died.

Sheryl has been at Achungo for 10 years and appreciates the reputation that the school has for academic excellence, evident in the teachers and students. She also told us, “the dorms are very good.” [All of the 8th graders and the 6th and 7th grade girls all board on campus as a way for them to study in the evenings.]

She especially enjoys reading storybooks and sharing the stories with her friend, Vennazyl. On Sundays she goes to church nearby. Her favorite subjects are Science and Math and she wants to become an engineer.