Sharon Mecril Obano

8th Grade Graduates of 2014 (Rodi)

Sharon was 7 when her father died in an accident in 2006 and her brother, Steve, was 4, and sister, Ida, an infant.  When their mother died the following year, they moved in with their grandmother in the village of Rodi Kopany, where Achungo is located.  Feeding and clothing three young children were a struggle, let alone paying public school fees.  Sharon remembers the day that changed–“the best day of my life.”
“A man showed up at my grandmother’s house, and she told him about the problems we’d been having. [Achungo Cirector Michael Nyangi] said he would like to take care of me, my brother and my sister by bringing us to Achungo,” Sharon shares. Then my grandmother prayed and praised God. She was very happy.”

“Here we’re able to eat well, get a uniform, an education and good advice from our teachers. Teachers here care about children,” says Sharon.     Sharon is struggling academically, but, she’s only in her second year at Achungo (one of the highest performing schools in the county).  She studies evenings and weekends now that she’s in the girls’ dorm and her teachers are helping her catch up and prepare for the national exams.

Sharon attends Moi Suba Girls Secondary School.