Shadrack Ochola Orwa

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Shadrack is 13 and joined Achungo in the 4th grade, having attended nearby Rodi Primary.  “In the public school, we were not being taught well.  Teachers came just 3 days a week.  It is hard to learn.  Here the teachers do good work and so students can do good work.”

Shadrack’s family was known to Director Nyangi and his father was volunteer headmaster at Achungo for some years.  He has 5 siblings, 1 in high school and 3 others at Achungo. Shadrack’s Father has multiple wives and more than 12 children of whom only one is in Secondary School.

Shadrack’s favorite subjects are Math and Science –“studying animals and how they reproduce.”  He wants to study Electrical Engineering “and ensure there is electricity in buildings.  I also want to marry and have a family.”   He also likes to hear stories about other countries and other cultures and hopes to explore other countries.

He enjoys soccer and volleyball.  He likes going home on holidays (“my parents miss us”) and helps with the dishes.

Shadrack attends Oriwo Boys Secondary School.