8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Sarah (b: December 12, 2006) was attending Majiwa Primary but “it was not good” and she “was achieving little.“ She enrolled at Achungo (Imbo campus) in 5th grade and says, “I feel good at Achungo because I score good marks. Achungo has the best performance compared to the school where I was before. I found Achungo a good school that can help me to achieve my target. The difference is that Achungo students perform well.”

She lives in Migori with her parents, both over 70 years old, and her younger twin brother and sister. Her older sister is in college. Her parents tend their small garden so that they have fruit and vegetables to eat. Her mother suffers from an ulcer. Her father works on nearby farms to try to earn enough to support the family and pay for her mother’s illness.

During breaks and holidays she likes to play football (soccer) and train because she wants to be a dribbler. When she is finished with school, she wants “to be a doctor and a footballer because I know a lot about a doctor and also football. I want to help my community.”