8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Samwel’s father brought him to Achungo several years ago. He says Achungo will allow him to achieve his dreams for the future. Samwel (b: June 20, 2007) had attended Rodi Primary, the local public school, but he says, “It not have many teachers and we used to play a lot and the teachers did not teach much. Some days teachers just did not show up. It can happen that on Monday only one teacher came to class and that’s it. Achungo has many teachers and they come to class one after the other with little time between subjects. At Achungo all the teachers come to class.”

He lives in Rodi town with his father and three brothers John (25), Felix (12) and James (18). His older brothers have families and Felix is in school.

He likes to read and play with his friends, and play soccer. When he’s home he helps on the family garden.

He told us, “It is my dream to become an engineer. And I want to help children who do not have parents.”