Sammy Gift Odhiambo

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Sammy Gift (13) has been with us ever since preschool, coming to Achungo in 2006.  He told us, “We live near Achungo and one day my mother heard about the school and how they love and care for little children, so she brought me to Achungo.  Now I have been here for years and years.   It is a good school with a high standard of education.”

His father died when I was 7 in an accident but I lived a very happy life while was alive.  He lives with his mother and younger brother at Kangeso.  She tries to support the family as a tailor.   “When I’m at home I help my mother by fetching water and fetching firewood.  I also help the needy around us and carry water to their homes.  I also tend to our animals and water them.”

Sammy Gift loves being at school with all his friends and all the sports, especially football (soccer).  He loves the teachers and learning in class with all his friends.

He wants to become a lawyer and help people.  HE says his second career choice is to be a doctor.  He hopes to come to America some day.