8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

My dad learned about Achungo when I was 8 years old [7 years ago] but before I was enrolled, he died in a road accident and my mother died soon after. Now I live in a village called Kanyada with my uncle who has a small piece of land that cannot contain crops [is too small to provide them enough food].  Because of that, my uncle runs a small business which earns him a very small amount of money.  This makes it difficult for him to help me and my two younger sisters and two younger brothers.

When I came to Achungo, I decided to change my dream from being a soldier to being a lawyer or politician – without forgetting to be a footballer, too. [He means a professional soccer player]

I have good friends called Kute and Kerry.  They are all footballers just like me.  Since I met them, I have learnt what life means and how to face its problems. Besides my studies, I have a team at home which I struggle with to improve our football talent.  We spend our time playing football and studying.  I would like to be a lawyer or a politician because in Kenya we face a lot of challenges. The people representing us don’t provide for us the football funds to improve our talents so my hope is that I become one of the politicians that will ensure that footballers get sponsorships.

Achungo is a good school that nurtures our talents and tries to make us improve on them.  In fact, it is a great school that performs well–the only thing we lack is sponsorship in football.  We are trying to improve on it so as to be given the chance of sponsorship.

This is all the story of my life since I came to Achungo.