8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Imbo)

Rolex (born October 25, 2007) told us: “I came Achungo five years ago after attending a public school, Majiwa Primary School, near our village.  Achungo is very different in comparison.

I have been living with my mother since my father passed away, five years ago. My mother keeps a small business. I have seven siblings, Erick, Silas, Movill, Deizy, Gladies, Lovine and James.

My friend, James, and I help each other at all times. Whenever either of us has a problem, we help each other. We also like to help the aged in our village and help our parents in some house work.

After my education, I would like to be a doctor so that I may help the sick in the hospital. The reason is that my dad died because he was very ill at a time when doctors were on strike due to lack of payment by the government. I want to help the sick and to come back to the village to help my family and others. Because of my faith in God, I want to help others.

I thank you because you have relieved my mother’s guilt and shown her love and support by giving me this chance at school. I thank those who God has used to help orphans like me, so that in the future we can be treated like human beings and not things. May the grace of our Lord work in your soul so that I may complete my education through your help. And please do not forget other orphans like me. Thank you, May the Lord, our God, add to your life. Amen.