Robinson Okoth Ogal

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Robinson (14) came to Achungo at the beginning of 2016. “My parents had heard about Achungo and its very high KCPE scores.”   He grew up a few miles away at Pap-Ndege village.   His father is a farm laborer when he can find work and otherwise burns found wood and sells the charcoal to try to support the family.  Robinson has three brothers and two sisters at home.

When he was able to pay the fees, Robinson attended Pap-Ndege Primary, but, he says,” there was no proper teaching and the pupils there had low exam scores.  Achungo is different from Pap-Ndege because there is maximum cooperation between teachers and students.  The buildings are well-built and classrooms are good and well-painted and larger for the children.”  He appreciates the higher standard of teaching at Achungo, “The environment is better at Achungo, and the teachers more involved.  They cover all the subjects during  a single day.  They prepare you to meet your goals.”

Robinson’s favorite subjects are Math and Swahili—he loves learning and appreciates how well the students are prepared for exams.

His best friend is Godfrey – they study together and play a lot of soccer and volleyball.  He also likes to draw.  During holidays he goes home and helps his parents by washing clothes, herding the cows and fetching water, among other chores.

Robinson is now at St. Paul’s Ligisa Secondary School.