8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Robert (b:September 12, 2008) came to Achungo’s Imbo Primary in 4th grade having found out about it from a friend and then, searching the village for the school. Prior to Achungo he attended public school at God-Kado Primary. He told us,”Life in that school was not easy. We had to sit outside under a tree and study there. Sometimes it was cold or rainy. During those times, we just stayed home and played. We went to school barefoot and we had no toilet at the school compound. We went back home for our lunch, though sometimes we had no food. That forced me to steal mangos from other people’s trees, which was a great risk. If you were found, you could be punished.”

At Achungo, where he is now able to board during the week, he says,”We have plenty to eat and we are also given free shoes. They brought us mattresses and blankets.” He is well-taken care of and is getting a good education.
Robert lives in Kochia (about 8 miles from Imbo) with both parents, “who are illiterate and poor. They don’t have jobs.” To raise school fees for Robert’s older brother, they sold the only land they had. He has three brothers and three sisters from 7 years old to 21.

He told us, “When I’m at home I spend most of my time studying, going to church on Sundays and taking care of my siblings. After education I would like to be a doctor because I would like to improve health services in Kenya and also improve living standards in our community. Beside that I would also like to build an orphanage and school for those who are poor.”

Those are wonderful goals, Robert, and I know your time at Achungo has given you a model for your orphanage/school!