Rehema Awuor

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Rehema (12) was brought to Achungo 6 years ago by her grandmother.   She had been living in Homa Bay (about 8 miles away) with her grandmother and her older brother.  Her mother and father had died in a car accident when she was quite young. After that the family was split up as another brother moved to Nairobi to live with their aunt.

Rehema likes Achungo very much.  She told us “people here care about you,” she feels loved by the teachers and the students here and she has many friends to play with.   She likes spaghetti with red sauce, playing football (soccer) and running.  On holidays she helps her grandmother with chores and enjoys reading books from the school library and making up stories with her friends.   Her favorite subjects are Math and Social Studies and she hopes to become a pilot.  She told us that the best day of her life was her birthday when her parents were still alive.