Phenny Awuor Odhiambo

8th Grade Graduates of 2016 (Rodi)

Phenny’s father was a teacher, paying for her to attend private school before he died in a car accident. After his death, Phenny’s mother couldn’t pay the tuition, so brought her to Achungo and enrolled her as a boarding student in 7th grade.  Phenny performed well on the placement test that Achungo gives new students. However much her private school helped her academically, she says it did not provide meals (and there was little food at home), employed too few teachers and that she didn’t learn as much as there as she has at Achungo.

Here, teachers selected her to fill the role of “Office Girl”, responsible for keeping the staff room clean and tidy since she’s polite, well-groomed and hardworking.  (All the students help keep the campus clean.)   She enjoys studying science and is considering becoming a civil engineer.  Phenny also enjoys being part of the school music and drama teams.

Phenny attends Ulanda Girls Secondary School.