Phenny Akinyi Otieno

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Phenny has been at Achungo since 2012, entering in the fourth grade because her guardians could no longer afford school fees.

When she was in third grade, her father (a carpenter) and her mother both died of illnesses.  Then with her three younger siblings she moved into the hut with their grandparents in Mathindi (about 10 miles away).  They are elderly and unable to work, so Phenny and her siblings go to the market during their holidays to sell vegetables to help support the family.   In addition Achungo sends food home each month for the family.

She likes Achungo very much and tells us that the teachers are kind and loving and teach well.  Her favorite subject is Science.   Living in the dorm with the other eighth graders, she says, “we share everything together.”  She likes reading books from the library and was part of Achungo’s singing and dancing team that won 1st place at the county competition.

Her father used to encourage her to be a TV journalist because of her language skills.   She wants to work hard in school so she can become an international journalist.  She hopes to be able to provide support for her guardians and other people, including orphans.

Phenny attends Magare Girls Secondary School.