Phabish Okoth Odoyo

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Phabish came to Achungo in 2012, joining sixth grade.  He was living in a village about 4 miles away with his parents and three siblings.  His father is a teacher at Achungo (Mr. Erick) but his mother is not working.

He immediately noticed the difference in the quality of education from what he’d known.  “Achungo is different because of its high level of education.  I like the type of teaching at Achungo because it is understandable – all the teachers explain well and help us to understand.”   He likes to study and likes boarding in the dorm, because “We study together.  You get to know what they know.  And they know what you know.”   His favorite subjects are Computer, Math and Swahili and Mr. Mwai is his favorite teacher – “he is so kind.”

In his free time, along with playing soccer, he likes dancing, singing at the music competitions, and acting.  His goal is to be a movie actor.   “I like funny movies and admire the actors.“

Phabish attends Homa Bay Secondary School.