8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Peter’s elderly grandmother brought Peter to the Achungo preschool 12 years ago, having heard about it from Director Michael. His parents had died in a road accident when he was very little. Peter says, “it was very hard to get food to eat and sometimes I would have to beg or steal.” His grandmother has since died and during breaks, Director Michael brings Peter to his home if no one is on campus.

He told us, “When I was brought to the school by Michael Nyangi, I knew the school was good and everyone was working hard on their learning in order to one day help Kenya. On my very first day at the school, I met my best friend, Frankline. We like riding bicycles and running. After my studies I want to become an engineer and also a great runner. During holidays, I practice by running up the hill and down every morning and evening.  The school is very good and we are treated very well.  It is free education from preschool on so that I can prosper in life and help other orphans.  May God bless you.”