Peggy Awuor Orako

8th Grade Graduates of 2014 (Rodi)

Peggy is one of our first students, having been at Achungo since joining the preschool in 2005. She likes living in the new girls dorm because it has electricity, unlike home where she lived until this year with her mother and grandmother.

Living in the dorm gives Peggy time to study the subjects that will be covered on Kenya’s national certification exam in November. She’s working hard to score high, so she can attend a good secondary school and eventually become a nurse. Her dream is to live in the U.S. for a while and study nursing here.

In the meantime, Peggy and best friend Mercy, from class 6, will treasure their time together skipping around the grounds, playing ball, and sharing stories, both real and imagined.

Peggy attends Kadika Girls Secondary School.