8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Ogollah Maxwell (16) has no siblings and never knew his parents. They abandoned him after they divorced. Director Michael found out about him and brought him to Achungo into the preschool. For a while he lived with some relatives but when they learned he was getting help from Achungo, they kicked him out (he later heard that they all died in a road accident).

He told us, “When I’m not at Achungo I have nowhere to stay and no one to protect me. Sometimes I am just on the street, even when it is raining, and have no way to get out of the rain. I need someone to help me on my studies and in my future life. I don’t really have any friends.”  [After we heard his story, Director Michael reached out to Maxwell to make sure he had a place to stay]

Maxwell says, “The best thing about Achungo is that it has very good teachers and students are all passing because of the teaching. I am really performing very well. I want to become a lawyer in the future. I am interested in it because I can have something to do with judging people’s cases.”