Nicole Cathy Owuor

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Nicole came to Achungo in January 2016 after her parents were no longer able to work.  They all moved in with her grandmother and including her siblings, there are 12 in the household.   Her grandmother is the sole provider but is very elderly.  She sells cups and plates while Nicole and her siblings take fruit and vegetables to the market to sell to help support the family.

Understandably, Nicole loves living on-campus with the other eighth graders because “I get time to study.”  Her favorite subject is Science and she thinks Mr. Mwai is the very best teacher.   She likes the quality of teaching at Achungo and that everyone passes the eighth grade exit exam (very unusual in Kenya where average passing rate is less than 50%).  Her earlier schooling was at St. Paul’s Academy where she says, “there was not always a teacher and they did not teach well.”  Now she has plans to go to a top tier high school.

During her free time she likes to jump rope and enjoys drawing.  She wants to become an artist and earn her income from selling her drawings.

Nicole attends Oyugi Ogango Girls Secondary School.