8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Moses (b: October 20, 2006) lives in Imbo town (near our 2nd school) with his grandmother, older sister and younger brother. His parents had no jobs and left the family soon after his brother was born. His grandmother has no money to pay for schooling, so his sister had to drop out. They have a small shamba (subsistence garden) where they grow their food.

Moses came to Achungo at Imbo in 4th grade. He had attended Alfred Academy but he says it was nothing like Achungo where teachers are well-trained and help you understand your lessons. With his friends, he likes to study, especially math, and “do exercise” (like games at recess). When he is home, he helps his grandmother.

He wants to become a doctor in order to earn enough money for his brother and sister to get their education and to “buy food to eat and clothes.”