8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Mitchell (b: October 13, 2008) joined Achungo in 6th grade. She had been attending Janeiro Junior Academo near Rodi. She says, “It was not good at all. The Janeiro compound was small and it did not even have a library . When the school closed for holidays, I was not surprised because the learning was too low. I came home and told my parents about it and they told me they would look for another school for me. My older brother told them about Achungo, that it is performing better than all schools and it is sponsored by white people. Here at Achungo we have a library where we can borrow books that we can study with.”

She had been living in Narok with her father and mother and brother David, and sister Emmaline, who is at Achungo also. “My parents struggle to find money to pay for our food and our school fees. They tell me to work hard so that I can achieve my goal.” She tries to help her parents anytime she is home.

She likes studying and playing soccer and other games with her friends and she loves all the teachers at Achungo.
She wants to become a pilot and “fly all over the world.”