Innocent Mike

8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Mike’s father brought him to Achungo several years ago, having heard from a friend that it was the best school around. Mike (b: March 13, 2008) had been attending Mirogi Boarding and Day School but he told us that the school had so few teachers they couldn’t cover all the required subjects. But with Achungo, he told us, “Now I can prosper in life.” He says Achungo is one of the best schools he’s ever heard of and everyone strives for excellence while maintaining a high level of discipline.

He lives in Rodi Kopany with his parents, his two brothers and three sisters. His parents work had to grow a variety of crops in their garden, selling what they can to pay for their children’s school fees. One brother is in University and the rest of his siblings are in primary school and high school.

He says he spends most of his free time reading and studying with his friends and during holidays playing soccer.

He told us, “when I’m through with my schooling I would like to be a surgeon since I will earn more money to support my family members including my parents, for their hard work.
Thank you. May God bless you. Hard work pays!”