Mike Onguka Owili

8th Grade Graduates of 2018 (Rodi)

Mike came to Achungo 5 years ago with his grandmother and joined our 3th grade.  He lived in Oyugis (33 km away) with his grandmother and sister, Lavera Maggy, who is in 1st grade at Achungo.    His parents died in 2007 during a time of serious election violence and he doesn’t remember them at all.

At Oyugis he attended Aramu Primary for a time but his grandmother was unable to continue to pay fees.  He says there were not enough learning materials there and the teachers were often rude, even cruel to the students.  He says, “Achungo is nicer, there are plenty of materials and the teachers are nice.”  “I like Achungo because we learn freely and the teachers love us all.  The best thing is there is enough time for playing and studying.”  He likes Science, Math and English.  He likes volleyball and football (soccer) and on weekends he likes playing, reading and studying.   Mike wants to become a doctor when he finishes school.