Mevish Achieng

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Mevish lives in Kochia (8 miles away) with her 28-year-old sister, Jackline, as well as her aunt  and her brother, Jacob (13) and sister, Melvin (10).  Jackline is working and supports the family.   Mevish’s father died when she was young.  Jackline brought her to Achungo in 2014 to join 4th Grade, referred by the regional development commission.

Prior to that she had attended a public school in Kochia called Pap-Kamathayo Primary.  She did not do well there and told us, “they had no desks and the school was not teaching the students.  Achungo’s school performance is better and the school really supports us.”  She immediately felt comfortable at Achungo and is doing well in her studies here.  She told us, “the best day of my life was coming to Achungo because before that I suffered and could not go to school because of the fees.”

Mevish enjoys playing soccer, reading storybooks with her friends, and dancing.  On weekends she worships at Achungo’s chapel.  On holidays she goes home and helps with washing clothes, cleaning utensils, gardening and other household chores.

Mevish wants to go to university to become a nurse so she can help her village and treat their illnesses. She wants to create public awareness in the community about various diseases.

“Pray for me as I am going to do my KCPE exams.  Prayer for me to achieve good marks so that I can be somebody in the future and have a good job.”