Mercy Akinyi Okoth

8th Grade Graduates of 2019 (Rodi)

Mercy’s aunt and sister brought her to Achungo in 2011 and she joined the Kindergarten class.  “I live with them in Ojunge (30-40 minutes by motorcycle) and also have two adult brothers, Mike and Calvince.  I have lived on-campus since 6th grade.  My parents died when I was a baby; my father murdered.  I don’t remember either of them.”

She says her favorite subject is Math, “I also like that they teach about diet and environment. Achungo gives me knowledge and good teaching.”  She likes music and drama, and reading with her friends. They practice for poetry and music competitions.  She has fun with her friends (Sheryl, Mevish, Aziza, Pamela) and on Sundays they all go to the on-campus chapel.  When she’s home she helps with chores.

Mercy wants to become a lecturer (a teacher) –”I’d like to teach Math in Secondary, maybe in a big town.”

“I would urge the 8th grade to work hard.  God loves them.  And I would like one day to come to America.”