Matthew (Calvince) Amoya

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Matthew (16) joined Achungo 2 years ago, having attended Pap Ndege  a public primary about 40 miles from Rodi.  Matthew transferred from Class 8 at his old school where he had taken the final Exams but performed poorly (scoring 130/500).  When he came to Achungo, he dropped back 2 grades to 6th because he’d gotten so far behind in the public school.  This year, he’s one of the top scorers in class 8.

“I came because education at Achungo is very high quality.  We learned about it from a teacher here (Salim), a friend of my mother.  At my old school people would go home for meals but here we are able to stay in school and are fed.  There, the teachers are often absent; here, teachers are present in the classes and teach.”

Matthew lives with his parents, 1 sister and 3 brothers.  On holidays he helps in the family plot and tending their cows.

His favorite sport is soccer and his favorite subject is science – studying the human body.  He likes to read Genesis 1:  “how God created many things.”  He hopes to become a journalist “if there’s an accident, I would report it.”   He says of himself, “I like to help others.  When someone is angry, I can share with them”

Matthew attends Orero Boys Secondary School.