Mary Celestine Onyango

8th Grade Graduates of 2017 (Rodi)

Mary says:  “I pray that God will help me finish my studies and get a good job.  I hope to become a surgeon and help people recover.”  When she was sick in Nairobi, she met a friendly surgeon who obviously made quite an impression on Mary.

Mary is from 10 miles away (a several-hour walk, she says), where she lived with her mother, grandmother and two younger brothers in a thatched hut.  They were extremely poor and often did not have money for their basic needs, let alone school fees, so she had to leave her school.   She came to Achungo two years ago, entering sixth grade.  Her previous experience in public school was frustrating, with teachers often absent from class.  She told us, “When I came to Achungo, the teaching I experienced immediately made me happy.”

Her favorite teacher is Mr. Felix because he helps her with her studies and sometimes gives her advice for her future after school.  After classes she likes playing handball, basketball and volleyball with her friends.   During holidays she goes home to help her mother with weeding the garden and caring for their flowers, corn and millet.

Mary told us, “I like studying here and enjoy studying with my friends.  I need to focus on studies because it will help me with my future.“

Mary attends Koru Girls Secondary School.