8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Rodi)

Manuel (14) was brought to Achungo 5 years ago by his grandmother (90) who survives by growing kale to sell. His parents were killed in a road accident. Manuel told us, “Things have been hard since they died, but I started liking Achungo from when I first entered the school gate. It is the best school I have ever been to and students do very well on the national exams. It is like the motto says – ‘Every child is an achiever.’ What I like best about Achungo is that the teachers explain things well and that helps me improve in my studies. I want to be a doctor when I finish all my schooling because I want to save lives of people in society and help my grandmother and my siblings from being poor to being rich because that is really disturbing me.  So I want to get rid of it.”