Lorine Meril Akinyi

8th Grade Graduates of 2015 (Rodi)

Lorine (14) came to Achungo 2 years ago, in 6th grade.  Before that she had attended Ngera Primary– “there the teachers were often absent.  At Achungo the teachers and the students are helpful and the teaching is good.”  She is the oldest of 4 children and lived with her mother (she never knew her father, now deceased).  Her mother is very sickly and unable to care for Lorine , so we are very glad to have her at Achungo in our care.

She likes netball, helping friends in class and studying in the library, and reading detective novels during her free time.  When she is home she helps in the garden and fetches water and firewood.  She wants to help her younger siblings so they can do well in school.  Her home is 30 minutes away by motorbike (the local taxi).

Lorine’s favorite subjects are English, Math and Science “I like studying plants and energy and the human body.”  Her dream is to be a TV journalist “I want to be able to give the news, especially if there is an emergency or accident or attack.”

Lorine attends Magare Girls Secondary School.