Lawrence Lucas

8th Grade Graduates of 2022 December (Rodi)

Lawrence (b:September 3, 2007) joined Achungo in the 6th grade after his father heard about it. Prior to that he had attended Kiwa Primary School in Gwasi Suba South, Nyandiwa district, Homa Bay county. He says there were not enough teachers there and poor instruction. When he came to Achungo he was immediately impressed with the facilities at the school and the classroom environment.

He was living with his mother and his father, a fisherman, as well as his brother, William, and sister, Phoebe, both 4th graders. He told us they are all healthy and they are a happy family. However, unlike most families they do not have a shamba – a family subsistence garden.

Lawrence told us, “I hope to become a doctor, that is my dream. All of my brothers-in-law are surgeons. I hope to achieve my goal.”