Josephine A

8th Grade Graduates of 2022 April (Imbo)

Josephine (15) lives in Masakla village with her grandmother, Hellen Atieno (69). Hellen has chronic pain in her legs and very poor vision and so, is unable to work. They get their food from a small garden that is planted with maize. Her parents both died after long illnesses, her father with pneumonia and her mother with an ulcer and “a growth in her stomach.” Josephine has two brothers, Salmonasse (17) and Ambrose (11).

Prior to Achungo, she attended Lulu Primary, but did not have the money for the school fees. She heard about Achungo from neighbors and enrolled about 5 years ago. She remembers the Director helping her with everything and has been so happy to be at Achungo.

Josephine enjoys exercise “to strengthen our bones”, and playing football (soccer) and volleyball. At home she helps with the household chores.

She told us, “My favorite subject is science because it teaches me so many things to help me become a doctor. After I finish my education, I would like to be a doctor to treat those who suffer from many diseases, and to get money so my family can eat well. That would make my family and my teachers proud.”